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Random Building Lights Module with Programmed Arduino  #45
Bring Your Town or City to Life!    Plug 'n 'Play Module with Programmed Arduino.
Complete Module Includes:
Arduino UNO R3 ATmega328P completely programmed and ready to control 18 LED's that can be specifically placed to illuminate building rooms or sections.

Fully assembled Random Lighting Shield, which includes plugs ready to connect wiring to each LED.

18 3mm Warm White LED's with current control for the LED's via resistors build into the shield.

9V 1A external power supply for the whole system including the LED's.

Photo sensor that reads the ambient light level to control the dawn and dusk trigger.

The plugs as shown to help make those connections easier.

A unique opportunity to get started with Arduino without being an expert, but ample opportunity to learn and to do more

Complete illustrated setup instructions and installation tips
Senario of Operation:
   1. Building Lights turn-on randomly at dusk (controlled by phototransistor or toggle            switch)
   2. LED's randomly turn-on and off all night (making the building look lived in)
   3. Building lights turn-off randomly at dawn
This is a unique one-of-a-kind system that provides everything you need to add realism to your layout. You don't have to learn how to write code, or learn about components to get them correctly wired, simply soldering to connect wires to plugs, simply follow the setup instructions for an easy plug 'n play experience. This is the first system of this kind using an Arduino. So, if you have been putting off taking that first step into the Arduino world, this is for you. Enjoy a new experience and stir your creative juices! 
Plug 'n Play Module #45     $54.95