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Capacitor Discharge Turnout Control Kit  #28
The Perfect Turnout Control for Twin Coil Switch Machines
Kit Includes:
3pcs 1N4007 Diodes
2pcs TIP120 NPN Darlington Transistors
1pc 4700µF 50V Capacitor
2pcs 10K ¼W Resistor
2pcs 1K ¼W Resistor
1pc 4.7K ½W Resistor
1pc 1.2K 1W Resistor
1pc Red LED
1pc 2-Screw Terminal
1pc 3-Screw Terminal
1pc 3-Pin Right Angle Terminal
1pc Plug w/ 3-Female Pins
1pc Matrix Printed Circuit Board
Illustrated Assembly and Operating Instructions
Kit #28     $14.95
What makes this so great?

It really works better than other circuits of this type.   Place each unit close to the turnout it controls.  It has plenty of snap to switch them.   Best of all, no more burned out coils, no core meltdowns, and no more blown transistors.  Small communications wire can be used for the connections from the control panel to the circuit and can be way far away.