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"Light Up Your World"  MASTER KIT   #18mx
Are You Ready for After Dark?  Now You Can Add That Nighttime Realism!
Master Kit Includes:
A Selection of Lighting Items for Buildings and Vehicles that will bring your city to life after dark on any model railroad 

1. Random Building Lights Module:
    Arduino UNO R3 ATmega328P completely programmed and ready to control 18 LED's that can be                                   specifically placed to illuminate building rooms or sections.
    Fully assembled Random Lighting Shield, which includes plugs ready to connect wiring to each LED.
    18 3mm Worm White LED's with current control for the LED's via resistors build into the shield
    9V 1A External power supply for the whole system including the LED's
    Photo sensor that reads the ambient light level to control the dawn and dusk trigger 
    The plugs as shown to help make those connections easier
    Complete illustrated setup instructions and installation tips

2. Vehicle Lighting Kit w/ Animated Brake Lights:
    4pcs Micro SMD LED's (2pcs Warm White & 2pcs Red) 
    4pcs 1K 1/4W Resistors
    2pcs 2.2K or 3K 1/4W Resistors for dimmer tail lights
    12V Adjustable Recycling Timer to animate vehicle brake lights
    2pcs Pre-wired Terminal plugs for timer board
    Spec sheet with connection schematic and application notes

3. 2x Micro LED Lighting Kit:
    3pcs each kit 402 SMD LED's Warm White   (Total 6pcs)
    3pcseach kit  1K 1/4W Resistors  (Total 6 pcs)
    Spec sheet with schematics and application notes
Master Kit #18mx     $79.95