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Mini Sound Effects Modules
Localized Sound Effects for a Unique Connect 'n Play Experience Using Programmed Arduino
Mini Module Features:
Programmed Arduino with 12 sound effects or sequences
5 Speakers for 5 different scenes
Each modules contains sounds for 5 theme related scenes
5-Channel Optoisolator 5V Relay boards
Toggle Switch selection of Daytime or Night Sounds
Micro SD Card containing 30 or more sound files
Dupont jumper cables for easy connections
9V 1A Power Supply
Ready to Connect 'n Play
Detailed connection schematic & tips

How It Works:
One sound effect is played at a time through a designated speaker placed on the layout near the scene that relates to the sound effect.  There are 6 programmed steps.  Each step plays an assigned sound effect for either day or night through the designated speaker.   Some locations may be repeated but with different sound clips -such as town center or forest.  These is plenty of versatility.  The sound effects are  localized to help bring scenes to life.   When the 6 steps have been executed, it repeats the sequence.  A Toggle Switch is used to select a daytime sound or night sound.  It switches as soon as the sound track being played has ended.  

Each module is specific for 5 theme related scenes (see the list available).  By placing 5 speakers in different locations (one for each scene), the sound effects are truly localized.  Some sound tracks are sound effects and others are a sequence of sounds that tell a story.  Sound adds realism to any scene.

Mini Modules Available:
Mini Sound System Modules #50xx     $92.95