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8-Port Power Distribution Board with Adjustable Brightness for LED's  #18pd
Versatile Board Can Be Expanded with Fixed Ports or Divided in 2 Halves
Kit Includes:
Ready-to-Use Versatile Board with 8-Ports 
8pcs Pre-wired Plugs to connect LED's to sockets on board
Information Sheet with Schematic and Application Notes
Input Voltage:  9V to 12Vdc
Overall Size:  2 5/8" x 2"
Wire length for Plugs:  approx. 300mm (30cm)
Trim Pots:  Pre-set to mid-range
Forward Voltage for LED's:  2.8V ~ 3.4V
Forward Current for LED's:  15mA to 25mA
Power Limits:  No more than 2 LED's per port
Board Size:  2 5/8" x 2"
The board provides adjustable pots for easy setting of 8 individual LED brightness levels over a useful range.   Ships with pots set to mid-range.

Boards are designed to be used under the layout close to the LED's used to light buildings and other accessories.

Boards are designed to be flexible. Each board can be snapped in half to become 2 separate boards with 4-ports each. Also 8 additional fixed resistor ports can be added to the board to save space and money.

A control switch can be easily added by removing the jumper cap for each set of 4 ports and attaching a toggle switch or other control devices.
Kit #18pd     $19.95