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.36" LED Readout Digital Voltmeters  #6x
3-Wire Reads Voltages from 0V to 100V.  These are the BEST!
Also available in Green and Blue.
Check desired color on Order Form.
Measure Voltage Range:  DC 0-100V
Min Input Voltage:  DC 0V
Max Input Voltage:  DC 100V
Measurement Accuracy:  1% (+ / - 1 digit)
Display:  Three digit 0.36" LED
Display Color:   Red 
Refresh Rate:  about 500mS / times
Power Supply:  DC 4.0-30V
Operating Temperature:  -10°C to +65°C
Size: 23mm(L) x 12mm(W)

Can be panel mounted

Note:   An in-line resistor ranging from 4.7K down to 1.8K rated at 1/2W is necessary for higher voltage sources. I recommend using 4.7K for  16V.    I also use the in-line resistorto reduce the brightness of the LED readout.
Kit #6r   Red        $4.59
Kit #6g   Green    $4.79
Kit #6b   Blue       $4.99
     Attach BLACK wire to DC negative source voltage
     Attach RED wire to DC positive source voltage
     Attach WHITE, GREEN, or YELLOW wire to DC positive OUTPUT to be read  (Wire colors vary)