Rails and Trails Imaging
Late Afternoon Checkers Game
Deep River & Sandy Creek Model RR, HO Scale
Late afternoon chess game between off-duty miners is a way to relax while their best friend takes a nap and waits.  One player is more interested in watching the prospector Pete heading into the mountains with his pack mules.  On the right, you will see the storeroom of supplies.

Christopher's Cabin at Dry Gulch
Deep River & Sandy Creek Model RR, HO Scale
Many years ago there was ample game in these mountains such as beaver, rabbits, and even raccoons.  Trappers built cabins and were making a living in fur trade, even before the railroad arrived.  This is Trapper Chris’ homestead.   On occasion, you might see raccoon skins hanging out to dry.  He even built this swinging rope bridge to get across Dry Gulch.