Rails and Trails Imaging
Keith Hackleman  -Photographer, Model Railroader, and Amateur Geologist 
Kodak Color Films, Data Book E-77
Using techniques similiar to Posterization, I created this cover illustration by superimposing 3 silhouete images of a dancer in yellow, magenta, and cyan to represent the dyes in color film.

Tent City on my Deep River & Sandy Creek Model RR, HO Scale
Inspired by pictures of tent cities that sprung-up around mines and railroads, I designed this diorama to represent the beginning of an early1880's town.  As they prospered, wooden floors and wooden sidewalls were added.  The detailing was all created by my wife, Phyllis.  The top scene shows the dining tent and the saloon.  The bottom scene is after dark when the tents were illuminated by lanterns.

Dye Transfer Print, Color Derivation
Using my own procedures for tone separation combined with color separation, I created color derivations​ by dying selected matrix films to make dye transfers prints.
Macro Photography
Throughout my photography career, I have been fascinated with using macro photography to show natures incredible designs and creations.  Now, I am focused on illustrating nature's minerals and crystals.