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Keith Hackleman - Photographer,  Model Railroader,
     and Amateur Geologist

   Bachaelor of Science, Southern Illinois University, 1961-64
   Master of Fine Art, Ohio University, 1964-66

Additional Education
   Problem Solving and Marketing Programs, Marketing Education  Center, Eastman Kodak Co., 
   Independent study, Solid State Electronics 
   ​Independent study, Geology and Petrology

   Photographer, 1958 to present
   Eastman Kodak Company, Marketing Education Specialist​, 1967-1984
   Eastman Kodak Company, Eastern Marketing Region, 1984-88
   Eastman Kodak Company, Financial Budget Analyst, 1988-2002
Highlights of My Career & Interests
Earl Seigfred Collection of Early American Hand-blown Glass
Joint photography project with a friend and fellow photographer, Larry Gregory, to document the largest known private collections of American glass for publication & exhibition.
Exhibition of the Seigfred Glass Collection
We completed the photography, processing and printing of the entire collection in about 1 year.  The challenge was photographing the light and dark glass together, bringing out the color of some almost opaque pieces, and showing the pattern or cut-work. This exhibit included 65 prints, which subsequently toured several glass museums and the George Eastmen House.  Today the prints are in the Corning Glass archive. 
Antiques Magazine published B&W Illustrations of the Earl Seigfred Collection 
Original photography was all color, but I photographed an additional 12 illustrations in B&W specifically for publication.
Photo-Posterization, Kodak Publication E-93 
While instructing at Kodak's Training Center, I developed a method of Posterization, using tonal separation techniques to render areas of a image that could be assigned false color to stimulate the creative juices.  I wrote the text and illustrated the procedure for publication.
Electronics Kits and Modules for Model Animation, Control, and Special Effects
I design and build an assortment of electronics for use with Model Railroading and Dioramas.
2015 to Present
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