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Model RR - Creating Realistic Landscape and Trees
Please check back for future additions to this page.
Creating the Old Growth Douglas Fir Trees
While these ideas have been planned from the beginning, they will not be implemented until a later phase of layout building.
Second only to rock formations is the development of the terrain or landscaping and the building of realistic trees.  For me, decisions about trees involves a lot of personal compromises, starting with high expectations and tempered with how to keep the cost down.  There are models available for some types of trees that are both very realistic and affordable.  Then there are other types, Aspen trees being one of them, that is not so easy.  Of course, with western mountains I will need lots of Aspens.  
My experimentation with different types of firs and evergreens has been underway for many years.  My wife has learned to build some really nice Woodland Scenes trees and I have built some Campbell's trees.  While I love the branches on the Campbell trees, they become dried out and very fragile.   After extensive research, I have decided to use Coastman's Douglas Fir Trees.  They provide the value in appearance vs cost.  It still requires some skill and embellishments to make them true gems.  An old growth forest scene goes well beyond just the trees.  It requires forest soil, rotten logs, ferns, mosses, lichens and more.
Creating a Mountain Snow Scene with Snow Covered Trees
Making Golden Aspens that Grab Attention
I have a vision of a snow scene, including icicles, a snow shed, and evergreens laden with snow.  The tracks will need a rotary snowplow to clear them soon.
Creating Aspen trees is a whole other challenge.  While I am doing research, this adventure still lies ahead.
This is an old recipe used to cover any terrain.  It works very well to hide defects and to add more texture.  Other materials are added over this coat once it has dried.