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Rail Images
Extreme Materials
Gallery of Images by Phyllis Hackleman
We take pride in our wide selection of images and our quality.  Each order is custom printed and finished for your order.  The time required may take 2 days to 2 weeks to ship.  Please see our pricing page for sizes and pricing.  If you have any questions regarding our products or would like custom sizes, please contact us for pricing.
Selection includes all steam, night photos, narrow-gauge and historic locomotives, and roundhouses.   All images are from locations throughout the US.
One of a kind image utilizing used coffee filters as the media.  The subtle transitions and color resembles Japanese woodcuts.  You must see it!
Trailside Images
Selection includes animals, abstracts, and more.  Some of these images are suited to being paired together.
Selection includes a variety of scenes from desert and canyons to water and missions.  The images lend themselves to wall decor.
"Exploration into the art of photography is endless.  I look forward to the journey..."
The Colors of Yellowstone
Scenes and details of the diversified landforms of Yellowstone National Park.  The colors show the amazing range of nature's palette.  All prints are presented on Silver Metallic Paper.