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Model RR - Laying Track
Stage one of track laying was intended to complete the lowest level and a portion of the the second level that crosses over it. The track was positioned and secured, power connections were made,  running tests were completed and switch machines were tested.  As this layer became covered with successive layers, accessibility becomes more limited.  I discovered the risers needed to be both screwed and glued as well as the ends of the cookie-cutter track plywood underlayment.  After some glued joints popped, lessons were learned early on.
To play slide show, click on the 1st picture.
Panorama view of stage 1 of track work.
View shows some risers in place for the second level.  The track supports are 3/4" pine.
View shows the computer desk and staging yard control panel already started.
View from Deep River Junction with tracks that were part of the old layout.  These tracks will be reworked in stage 3.
Another panorama view.  The middle does not curve.  The curve was a result of distortion in stitching wide angle lens photos.  The cookie-cutter track support is all 1/2" plywood.
The beginning of track laying on the peninsula that will be Quartz Mountain.
Left side of dog-bone showing first and second layers of tracks beginning the curve around the access hatch.
Stage 1
Stage 2
In the second stage of work, building risers to the exact clearances was more demanding.  Also the placement was critical in several areas that would have multiple tracks either along side or crossing over.
To play slide show, click on the 1st picture.
View shows progress on the third and fourth levels of track on the right side of dog-bone.
Top level of track on left side of dog-bone.
High view showing all four levels of track work around access hatch.
Center of dog-bone showing the stacking of tracks.  Here is where the clearances and positioning had to be carefully planned and executed.
View showing stacking from center to right side of dog-bone.
View showing stacking from center to left side of dog-bone.
Masonite fascia is in place and ready to paint.
Stage 3
In stage 3, the last switch machines were installed and tested, the last tunnel entrance supports were placed,  and the yard tracks in Deep River Junction (a portion of the old layout that was kept in place) were relaid to incorporate some new features, such as a passing siding and team track.
Reworked tracks in Deep River Junction.  This is the home of a branch line that interchanges with the main line.  A run-around track will be shared.
Another view of Deep River Junction from the opposite side.
Panorama of dog-bone showing beginning of rock work.  About half the length of all tracks through the dog-bone will be hidden inside of tunnels.  I am hoping this will enhance the perception of longer running time.
Progress on right side of dog-bone.
Progress on Quartz Mountain in the foreground.  Note some photo backdrops are already in place.
To play slide show, click on the 1st picture.