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Model RR - Photo Backgrounds continued
Mt. Evans Background for Center Rear Panels
The scene is from Mt Evans, Colorado in the Front Range looking west.  I selected this image to be the focal point in the center of the rear background.  Although it will be separated by a view block using rock formations, it has to blend with the logging camp scene.  Since I only need a 60" wide image, there was no flipping or doubling necessary.  But it was a little short so I just stretched the image horizontally to the necessary width.  Avoid overdoing this or the image can start to look a little strange.
I still needed to add some clusters of trees, but this time they would need to appear closer.  The height would need to coincide with the rock formations in front of them.  So the bottoms of these trees will be behind rock formations and not seen from any angle.  The trees on the layout will extend further up into the sky giving the illusion of a stepped back perspective.
Desert Background from Utah
Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California
San Rafael Uplift, Utah was made from five digital frames stitched into a panorama.  It is 60" x 12" at 300 ppi, which is full resolution.
To make it longer, I reduced the ppi from 300ppi to 150ppi, which is acceptable.  That changed the dimensions to 121" x 15" which I cropped to reduce height.
This finished panorama made from 3 digital frames measures 40" x 12" at 200ppi.  To make it longer, it would have to be stretched or doubled.
Planning, shooting, and making your own panoramas can be rewarding and a it provides a great excuse for planning more travel.