Rails and Trails Imaging
Dollie's Saloon and Mess Tent
Deep River & Sandy Creek Model RR, HO Scale
Dollie's Saloon and Mess tent are essential to the life in tent city, where the workers of the Silver Spur Mine live and relax.  It was a way of life that was much simpler than today with only the bare essentials.   Dinner has been served and the cook is relaxing by the mess tent before washing dishes; however, he always keeps a hot pot of coffee by the fire.   When the sun goes down, it’s time for action at Dollie's saloon.  You know …honky-tonk piano, “wild” women and plenty of redeye.  It’s been said that some miners have lost an entire months wages in one night at the poker table.  Notice the completed interiors with the dirty dinner plates still on the tables.  The bottom scene is after dark when the tents were illuminated by lanterns.

Tent City at Silver Spur Mine
Deep River & Sandy Creek Model RR, HO Scale
With the “boon” of silver mining, many miners used tents for months at a time as their living quarters.  Inspired by pictures of tent cities that sprung-up around mines and railroads, we designed this diorama to represent the beginning of an early 1880's town.  As they prospered, wooden floors and wooden sidewalls were added. If the boom continued, the tents disappeared and more permanent structures replaced them.  The detailing was all created by my wife, Phyllis.  The top scene shows the dining tent and the saloon.  This scene is after dark when the tents were illuminated by lanterns.

Red Rock Canyon
Galloping Goose in Red Rock Canyon on the Deep River & Sandy Creek Model RR, HO Scale
Late afternoon in 1889, the Goose makes a second run to the Silver Spur mining camp through Red Rock Canyon to deliver passengers,  mail, and supplies.  Red Rock Canyon is a geological wonder that has awed passengers on their trip through the canyon.   The Red Rock formations are “nature’s wonders” created by weathering of the soft red sandstone.  This scene was constructed from red sandstone and soil from Utah. There are layered rock formations and even an arch, inspired by the canyons of Utah.  The Goose is scratch built to roughly resemble RGS Goose #5.  It is powered by a MDC diesel motor and modified drive mechanism.