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Thunder 'n Lightning Mini Module
Complete Sight & Sound for Thunderstorm Sequence in One Module
This module uses LED's for lighting flashes and EL Wire to simulate a lightning strike -all in sync with the Thunderstorm Sound Effects. You can select the 4 minute plus Thunder and Lightning display by flipping a switch or the 2 minute 20 second display (default).​ The animation is started by the push of a button. So you have complete control and can run the program whenever you like to surprise your visitors.
Amazing Thunderstorm Effects

Ready to Connect 'n Play

Add Arduino animation without being an expert

Long and short Thunderstorm
Arduino UNO R3 ATmega328P completely programmed and ready to use
Fully assembled Lightning-Sound Shield, which plays thunderstorm sound and controls 3 types of lightning effects
32" strip of cool white LED to simulate lightning flashes
LED spot bulb with socket to simulate bright strobe-like lightning flashes
3ft EL bluish-white Wire with Inverter to simulate lightning strikes
Select Long and Short Thunderstorm Sequence
Screw Terminal connectors for easy connection of wires to the Shield
12V 3A Power Supply to power Arduino and LED's
Toggle Switch and PB Switch for controlling functions
Complete illustrated setup instructions and tips
Kit includes:
Thunder 'n Lightning
Sight & Sound Mini Module
#47    $145.95    

Currently Order take 3 to 4 weeks