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Vehicle Lighting Kit with Simulated Brake Lights  #18k
Using Micro LED's, You Can Now Light Your Prized Vehicle Models and Simulate Working Brake Lights
Emitting color:   Warm White & Red
Size:  SMD Led 0402 (1.00*0.50mm)
Wire length: approx.  200mm (20cm)
Forward voltage:  2.8V~3.4V
Forward current (typ/max):  15mA/20mA
Viewing angle:  120°
Kit #18k    $19.95

Micro LED's:
Recycling Timer:
Input:  DC 12V
Load:   AC or DC 10A
Kit includes:
4pcs Micro SMD LED's  (2pcs Warm White &
     2pcs Red) 
4pcs 1K 1/4W Resistors
2pcs 2.2K or 3K 1/4W Resistors for dimmer
     tail lights
12V Adjustable Recycling Timer to animate
     vehicle brake lights
2pcs Pre-wired Terminal plugs for timer board
Spec Sheet with Connection Schematic and
     Application Notes