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Model RR - Staging Yards
Staging Yards Expand Operating Opportunities
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I planned a hidden staging yard for two reasons -to provide an off-site location for operating sessions and to store whole trains that are ready to come out and make a run for visitors.  Because it will be totally hidden, I had to find a way of seeing and/or sensing.  I'm using both ideas by incorporating video cameras and IR sensor detectors for fouling points of switches, occupancy indicators, and end of track indicators.  My space allowed for 9 tracks of full-length trains that would have limited accessibility.  But it was far more than anything I had before; so I will accept the challenges.
Laying out the yard throat.
Another level of track will crossover the yard throat.
Switch machines are placed on top of the table along with their wiring connections.  All will be hidden in the end but accessible for adjustments.
View of staging yard along back wall which is completed and ready for stage 2.
Close-up of IR sensor installed between the ties.  These are ideal sensors for dark areas where IR LED's can also be used.  They eliminate the sensitivity problems that can occur for various levels of layout lighting.
Schematic of track layout for the control panel.  The panel will show turnout positions, occupancy, and fouling point and end-of-track warnings.
Mini video camera to "see" hidden areas.  This one is about 1.5" x 1" and has auto color balancing and manual focus adjustments.
9" LCD screen and video switcher to switch between multiple video cameras.  I located these on the computer desk at eye level just above the train throttle.
To play slide show, click on the 1st picture.